Are You Having Fun?

   Are you having fun? This CrossFit thing only works if you get your training in. And that can be hard when you’re not having fun.  

Are you taking things too seriously?

   If you’re too hard on yourself ("will never get these double under or I will never be strong enough to do that RX's") who would want to come to the gym and hear that each day? 

   That’s not fun. Go easy on yourself. ("I got one more double under than last time or I can't do it RX YET but I’m getting closer"). It's this mind set shift away from the negative that will allow us to enjoy the process and not be so enslaved by the end goal.  

   The person who has a target but then focuses on each day and finding the enjoyment in it will get further, faster than the person who views each day as something they must endure to get to the end result. 

  So next time you want to get down on yourself for something, look on the bright side! You are training instead of sitting at home. You are one day stronger, one day faster, and those days add up. Look to your left, look to your right, those are the people you can laugh and joke with. People to share your successes with. People who are going through the same thing. 


P.S. If, for whatever reason, you are not currently training, come on down, let's have some fun. 




Coach Dan 

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