I Was Not In Shape When I Started CrossFit


Myth: "I need to get in shape to do CrossFit." 

     This is something I hear way too often.  It's absolutely not true.  It is also a problem we as CrossFitters have created for ourselves. 

CrossFit mixed with a good diet works. It gets you in shape. It gets you healthy and confident.  And once we are in good shape and confident we want to show it off. 

     We post it on Instagram.  We post it on Facebook. We scream it from the hill tops. There is nothing wrong with that. Be proud.  

 The issue is people from the outside only see fit people doing hard things.  What they don’t see is where these people started.  They don’t see them on their day one class. Nervous, intimidated and frustrated with their lack of fitness. They don’t see them learning new ways of eating. They don’t see the time and sweat in the CrossFit gym that got them fit. They don’t see the process, they only see the end goal. And they think, " I cannot do those things." 

      We need to let them know they can. We need to show them all the stages. We need to show them the air squats before all the back squats. The walking before the running. Start celebrating the small wins. The bright spots. We do this in our Facebook Members group every week on Friday.  

Tell people about graduating from a PVC bar to a weighted one, about going from step ups to box jumps. And then those who think CrossFit is unattainable for them now will realize CrossFit gets you in shape, it is not something you have to be in shape for. 

     Whatever shape you're in, there is room for you at CrossFit Dawson Creek.  There is no such thing as a finish line without a starting line. 




Coach Dan 

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